Sensitive Skin Smoothing Clay Mask 2 oz $25.00

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Sensitive Skin Smoothing Clay Mask 2 oz $25.00


Good for mature, dry, and/or sensitive skin, this special combination of mostly kaolin clays will not over dry your skin.  Your face will feel soft, and tone.  

Ingredients:  A special combination of the following all natural clays:  white kaolin, yellow kaolin, rhassoul, dead sea mud

Directions: In non-metal mixing utensils, combine 1 tsp. of clay to 1 tsp of liquid of your choice.  (We recommend our hydrosol toner, witch hazel, aloe vera juice, or distilled H20).   Paint on your face, relax while it dries,  (8-10 min), rinse, moisturize.  Your skin will feel really clean.  Recommend 1-2 x week. 



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